5 Ways to Find a Trustworthy Auto Collision Repair Shop

Five Ways to Locate a Dependable Auto Body Shop

Fender benders happen. We have all had one or at the very least know multiple people that have had an auto accident. With the variable of other drivers, it’s impossible to avoid colliding with another vehicle. What is not out of our hands is the, “what next”? With a little diligence, finding the right auto collision shop is not impossible.

Finding a trustworthy body shop is no easy task. You only get one check for your claim, so if you pick the wrong one, you’re stuck with the aftermath of poor quality work. This can leave a very bitter taste in anyone’s mouth, especially if you have a luxury vehicle with premium payments. So what are necessary steps needed to find an auto collision shop that can produce quality work?

  1. Checking Google business reviews is the the first step in scouting out suitable shops for your collision repair needs. Not only will you find auto collision repair shops that are nearby, you can also read reviews from previous customers that have used each facility to give you a starting point. Typically, any company with consistent 5 star reviews is an indication that the ratings may have been manipulated. Check to see if the reviewers have more than one review by clicking on their name. A 5 star rating by a user with 1 review is a clear sign that it may not be a real customer.
  2. Visit the shop to inspect the finished collision repair work first hand. Vehicle collision repair is expensive to correct, so be sure to look over their finished work to see the finished product that they are delivering to their present clients. Key points to look for are paint quality, attention to detail and integrity of work. Does the paint look glossy and clean or does it have dust or an “orange peel” appearance to the paint? Is there over spray on areas that were adjacent to the damaged areas? Is there buffing compound or masking tape still left on the finished product?
  3. Insurance affiliation is another key indicator of the quality of the auto collision shop. Nationally recognized insurance agencies fully inspect the companies that they choose to send their clients to. The last thing they need is to send their paying clients to a shop that produce poor quality work. State Farm even as goes as far as rating the turnaround times of each company from vehicle drop off to completion and pick up. Our State Farm auto collision shop in Chicago boasts a 4 day turnaround time compared to the national average of 11 days. Turn around time is also a key factor to look for, since insurance companies typically limit the length of time that they will pay for your rental vehicle.
  4. In today’s business world, every progressive company has some form of social media. From Twitter and Facebook to Instagram, companies are proud to display their work to anyone willing to look and engage with them. Now of course, quality of work can not be seen though hand picked pictures. However, the quality and type of vehicles can be. A company that regularly accepts luxury vehicles is not by coincidence. It is a clear indication of premium work being done. If you are driving a vehicle above the grade of the cars being worked on, you may need to continue your search.
  5. Lastly, trust your instinct and intuition. Upon your visit, meet with the owner or manager and get a feeling for their character. You can really tell quite a bit from conversation and asking some questions. Ask how long they have been in business, or how they got into the business. A business owner with passion for his trade will be radiantly apparent. This will give you your final indication to feel comfortable in leaving your precious vehicle with your chosen auto collision repair shop.

Source: http://chicagoautohaus.com/news/5-ways-to-find-a-trustworthy-auto-collision-repair-shop/


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