Auto Collision for Luxury Vehicles

Auto Collision Services for Luxury Vehicles

Auto Collision Services for Luxury Vehicles

Chicago Autohaus services all makes and models of luxury vehicles

Accidents happen on the road, and no matter how guarded and careful you are, you don’t have control over the other cars and drivers. So if you are involved in a luxury car collision, it’s best to immediately contact a provider like ourselves for auto collision services specializing in luxury cars in your area, after settling the documentation process and filing of a police report. Remember, accident prevention and defensive driving are important, but knowing what to do next after a luxury car collision is equally important.

What’s your Luxury Car Insurance Coverage?

Luxury and sports cars are the priciest vehicles to insure in the market. For example, the $127,700 Audi R8 Spyder V10-engine comes with the highest national premium average, with $3,384 (2012). The Mercedes-Benz CL 600 gets an average annual premium of $3,307 (2012), and the BMW 750i with an average premium worth $2,430 (2012). Since you paid a premium for these products, it’s important to take advantage of their services and perks. Get more from your insurance by understanding first the details of the luxury car insurance coverage.

Don’t wait until a car collision to happen to check out that your insurance policy will not cover the expenses that comes with towing your luxury car. Also, who will pay for the damages incurred by your luxury car after an accident? Check the insurance specifics, before contacting an auto collision service provider.

Specific Services to Expect from Auto Collision Service Provider

Just like other auto car services, auto collision services are available at different price points, so you should be ready to solicit repair estimates. Also, you can find different damages on your car immediately after a collision, and some of these potential damages (and services) are listed below.

Auto Glass and Windshield Repair. During a front-end collision, the windshield and auto glass often suffer the worst damage. From small cracks or chips, to completely smashed up windshield, these are repair problems that should be immediately addressed. Auto collision repair service providers will repair chips and cracks by injecting a special adhesive to the affected parts. Completely smashed up windshields can be replaced.
Minor dents and scratches. Minor auto collisions may not have a lasting and critical impact on the structural integrity of your luxury car. While dents and scratches may not affect the performance or structural integrity of the luxury car, keep in mind that it can clearly affect your car’s aesthetic appeal. There’s no need to worry if the dents did not affect your car’s paint. Paint-less dent repairs are usually affordable, and can be done quickly.
Custom frame repair. Most car accidents and auto collisions will often involve a damage on the car’s inner frame. The reason for this is actually ironic, since many cars are built with crumple zones in an effort to protect drivers and passengers. This means that cars become safe for passengers, but car frames become more prone to damage. Good thing auto repair service providers offer custom repair services for the car frame. When impact is minimal, some repair teams may simply ‘straighten the damaged car frame’, using a special machine. For serious damages to the frame, technicians may weld the affected area. Welding the affected part of the car may have an impact on the structural integrity of your luxury car. But there are times when the damages are massive, and the frames of your luxury car may not be repaired at all!

Whatever the damage incurred by your luxury car, it’s recommended that you always work with experts, with experience repairing luxury cars like Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. While some repair teams may charge higher-than-usual repair rates, the services are worth your time and money. Bentley collision repair may be easy to find, but great services aren’t. And of course the same goes for Ferrari collision repair and Porsche collision repair services.

There are three important reasons why experts and experienced collision repair professionals should complete the work- mechanics are certified, they have access to advanced tools and equipment, and they receive continuous training. Many car technicians and mechanics earn specialized training and certifications from different companies and manufacturers, giving them the skills and expressed authorization to work on specific makes and models. This is critical for luxury makes and models, with special engineering, technologies and parts. If they earn a certification or at least a recognition from the car company, it means that the technician or mechanic has been trained on the same standards and specifications set forth by the automaker.

So when your luxury car gets involved in a collision on the road, respond appropriately, and get the services of a reliable provider of auto collision services for luxury vehicles. Your luxury car has provided you with regular transportation, prestige and security, and it’s about time you pamper your executive car.



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