Auto Painting and Body Shop Services for the Chicago Winter Season

Auto Painting and Body Shop Services for the Winter Season in Chicago

Winter Chicago Body ShopWhen it comes to responsible car ownership, there are tasks and work that can be done by car owners who want to go the DIY route, and there are tasks reserved for the professionals. While preventive maintenance can be done without the help of the pros, repairs required due to collisions should be left in the hands of the professionals. And where you take your car will ultimately depend on the kind of repairs or upgrades to be done on your car.

A popular destination among car owners in search of repairs and maintenance is an auto body shop. An auto body shop near your area is composed of a team of mechanics and technicians who can repair, restore, replace parts and refinish frames, window glass and windshields. Like experienced mechanics, an auto body shop has access to tools, equipment and knowledge that will make the car safer to operate once again. This is the go-to team when your car was involved in an auto collision on the road. But body repairs are not just the services that can be provided by your neighborhood auto body shop. Auto body shop can become your best friend for other car-related services, especially during the winter season in Chicago.

Auto Painting & Custom Paint Jobs

Auto Paint Shop ChicagoSometimes, auto paint becomes a requirement after your car gets involved in an accident or collision of the road. When the damage on your car goes beyond the usual dents and chipping, your car will need an auto painting job to restore your car to its former glory. Keep in mind that many shops that focus on mechanical repairs may not offer auto painting jobs. Auto painting is labor-intensive, and requires training, licensing and equipment. It can become a complicated process, that requires filling, sanding, alignment and cleaning. But you can also find a full-service auto repair shop that can also offer auto paining services, on top of the usual body shop services. These full-service auto shops can cover different makes and models, including luxury cars like Audi, Jaguar, Lexus, Mercedes and other domestic and import cars.

An auto body shop can also provide custom paint jobs which can be done based on customer preferences and requirements. When the excessive custom paint jobs of car manufacturers will not fit the budget, the custom paint job offered by auto body shops can do the trick.

Winterizing your Car for Chicago Winters

While auto body shops are traditionally known for car repairs and replacement of windshield and glasses, these shops can also provide other services, best for the season. For example, you can count on these reputable shops when it comes to ‘winterizing your vehicles’. The winter months, especially the massive snowfall and record low temperatures, can affect the performance of your car. For example, the battery of your car can gradually die at sub-zero temperatures, fluids can thicken and the spark plug’s reliability will dip during this time. A dying battery during winter months can be avoided if you can park your car in the battery.

If you don’t have access to a garage, checking the battery before the temperature starts falling is recommended. Colder temperatures can also thicken the fluids, including the anti-freeze, oil, power steering and transmission fluids. Today, many auto body shops are offering services that can help car owners ‘winterize’ their cars. Instead of doing the dirty work, many car owners and enthusiasts are now counting on these auto body shops to change the oils, or maintain the brakes.

Face the Demands of the Winter Season

Also, auto body shops become busier during this season, due to slippery road conditions and poor visibility. Many auto body shops are reporting a spike in calls from customers and insurance companies to attend to auto body repairs and auto painting due to accidents and collisions. Due to icy conditions and slippery roads, car owners and insurance companies are requesting auto body shops to repair damages to the suspension components, tie rods, control arms, wheel bearings and axles. In short, a dependable auto body shop becomes your friend during the brutal Chicago winter season.

The winter months can be a busy and stressful season for many car owners and enthusiasts. Aside from the usual demands of the winter season, it can also compromise the performance of your car, and may even increase the chances of your car meeting a front-end collision. Take the stress out of the season- know when it’s time to contact your neighborhood auto body shop.



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